Suzzanna – Queen oF Horror Films


Suzzanna or her actual name Suzzanna Martha Frederika Van Osch born 14 october 1942 is the first and foremost Legendary Horror actress of Indonesia who have star in many horror and mystical theme indonesian movies.

Non have yet to be able to replace her Queen title after she passed on 15 October 2008, a day after her 66 Birthday. Leaving behind a huge asset of tea plantation, mansion, an uncountable amount of money behind in her will to her husband, Clift Sangra and family members.

Suzzanna married Clift at his age of 18 while she is 41 shortly after her movie with him title Sangkuriang in which she played his mother. Having one son, Rama, the couple live happily for as long as anyone can remembers. Suzzanna eldest daughter, Kiki Maria was from her previous husband, Dicky Suprapto completes her family further after her re-marry.

She was awarded the Best Child Actress Award at the 1960 Asian Film Festival and was crowned as Asia‘s most popular actress at the 1972 Asia-Pacific Film Festival in Seoul

Suzzanna has long been circle with rumours of her involvement with the dark arts just like how she appear in many of her films. She has however a special craving of chewing Jasmine flowers all the time and reported to have almost Jasmine covering her mansion back In Bogor. Her youthfulness has allow her to be crown the Queen title further despite her ripe old age.

She was awarded the Best Child Actress Award at the 1960 Asian Film Festival and was crowned as Asia‘s most popular actress at the 1972 Asia-Pacific Film Festival in Seoul. She left the cinemas in the 90s but back with her comeback movie, Hantu Ambulance which completes her filmography.

She star in two blockbuster drama title : Misteri Sebuah Guci meaning, The mystic of the Magical Vase and Selma dan Ular Siluman meaning, Selma and the Snake Queen in 2002 and onwards.

Winning mulitple awards for her hits such as Queen of Black Magic and SundelBolong, one can never forgets her sweetness and capability of her acting talents. She is truly the Queen of Indonesian horror films till date.

Her deathbed was further surround with rumours of her and the dark arts upon her request of having Jasmine on her graves each nights, Red lipstick to be applied on her lips, Her hsband that need to stay by her grave for 7 days consecutively. She was buried next to her oldest son who pass away when he was still a kid after being beaten up by a group of notorious kids in school.

Despite the numbers of rumours about this Queen, none have yet to confirmed it. Only her husband and the police officer involves in dealing with her death are allowed to see her death face. Clift has reported to have remarry a young girl and have started his own new family with Suzzanna’s Inheritance.

No matter what, Suzzanna has made indonesian movies a light to watch and may her soul rest in peace. Bless be.


Some of her movies which made her evergreen actress always.



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